Welcome to Dance Addiction

Lauren is a fully qualified freestyle B.A.T.D. dance teacher who has over 8 years of experience teaching in the industry. She is part of BLOK PROFESSIONAL DANCE TROUPE, who dance at various different events throughout the UK. One of their more recent gigs was dancing at the Moon Walk in Edinburgh to support the charity event!

Lauren currently works as a Dance Coach for Glasgow City Council. This involves teaching children dance – boys and girls – at all levels – nursery, primary and secondary. Lauren recently took a school group to National schools (after they qualified from Scottish Schools), where the group placed in 6th place in the primary section!

Dance Addiction offers fun, exciting classes for both boys and girls in which Lauren will develop their technique and introduce them to lots of different styles of dance. All children will learn a great variety of new moves which will be used in their dance routines, whilst having endless amounts of fun. Lauren, through dance, helps children to increase their confidence in not only performing to others but in their own ability.

All dancers at the end of each dance year will participate in Dance Addiction’s annual show which will be open for all to see.

Dance Addiction will offer the chance for all dancers, that would be interested, to participate in various dance competitions, which don’t only provide all dancers with an amazing experience but are always great fun to take part in! Lots of the crews at Dance Addiction have had great success in competing so far and each year get better and better!

Contact Lauren here for more details.